MRI door maintenance / tune-ups

Posted: Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014 at 5:20 PM

R-BOX Testing annual door tune-up.

We will perform the following service for a annual MRI door tune-up.

1. A preliminary RF test on your MRI door to see were the weak points are.

2. Replacement of all fingers/gaskets. (Do to oxidation and standard ware and tear, a doors’ RF seal will degrade. Only by replacing the RF gasket will you receive the maximum improvement. Other companies just wipe the gasket, and that simply won’t do.)

3. Properly clean the frame.

4. Adjust door for maximum effectiveness.

5. Check and adjust door sweep for maximum effectiveness.

6. Check and adjust latch and strike for proper operation.

7. A final RF test on your MRI door to ensure the best possible results for you.

8 .A complete RF test report on the integrity of your door.

Door Tune-up Benefits

With a properly operating MRI door you can expect many benefits.

– Improved image quality.

The door is typical an area of concern when RF artifacts are present causing poor image quality. An annual tune-up will help to reduce the door as a potential trouble area.

– Economically feasible.

With poor image quality more than one scan may be require to capture a proper image, lowering your patient through put.

– Proper functionality.

With error free mechanical operation, damage the door and to surrounding areas such as floors, walls, and windows can be avoided.

– Extended Door Life expectancy.

With a well maintained door it is possible to avoid major repairs, replacement and down time.

– Professionalism.

A properly operating imaging center promotes the proper attitude in the work force and gives the patient comfort.

"Shielding is a mechanical fix for an electrical issue."