Posted: Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014 at 5:12 PM

Aware of ever on going changes in technology R-BOX Testing has kept up to date with the latest test equipment and standards. Allowing us to test the latest shields and requirements layout by the industry leaders. Our relationship with the OEM manufacturers like GE, Siemens and Philips makes us their go to vendor of choice.

MRI shielded enclosure certification.

R-BOX Mobile Testing provides complete testing services for all types and manufactures of MRI shielded enclosures. Your enclosure will have an RF radiated test done in accordance IEEE STD 299-1997 (modified) and reviewed by an NARTE certified engineer to ensure its performance meets magnet manufactures published specifications. We also test enclosures to specified customer requirements.

Shielded Enclosure Evaluation.

A Diagnostic RF test is essential if you are planning upgrades or modifications to your enclosure. This provided you with an independent detailed test report of your shielded enclosure before any work is performed, giving you piece of mind.

Some facilities may require a re-certification or to be certified for the first time.

Shielded Enclosure Evaluation & Repair.

Upon upgrading of an old magnet or trying to solve an ongoing image problem, facilities are sometimes told that their shielded enclosure is “not adequate”.

This “may or may not” be the case. An independent test should be performed.

With RF Diagnostics Testing it is possible to determine shielding effectiveness, detect and solve problems within new and existing MRI enclosures.

Damage to the enclosure or modifications made can cause derogation.

Re-certification of the enclosure and repair of any RF leaks are vital to ensuring your shield is working at its optimal level-and will continue to provide you with dependable RF protection.



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"Shielding is a mechanical fix for an electrical issue."