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R-BOx Offers Several RF Services

MRI door maintenance / tune-ups

R-BOX Testing annual door tune-up. We will perform the following service for a annual MRI door tune-up. 1. A preliminary RF test on your MRI door to see were the weak points are. 2. Replacement of all fingers/gaskets. (Do to oxidation and standard ware and tear, a doors’ RF seal will degrade. Only by replacing the RF gasket read more »


Aware of ever on going changes in technology R-BOX Testing has kept up to date with the latest test equipment and standards. Allowing us to test the latest shields and requirements layout by the industry leaders. Our relationship with the OEM manufacturers like GE, Siemens and Philips makes us their go to vendor of choice. MRI read more »

RF Site Survey

With the latest technology R-BOX testing can preform accurate and dependable RF surveys. With detailed and custom configuration, mapping to Google maps show you all the information. read more »

Shielding Effectiveness Testing 9KHz to 18GHz

R-Box Testing is capable of testing shielding effectiveness from 9KHz to 18 GHz   Employing the latest technologies.   SHEILDING Info: Radio frequency shielding was the first fully developed EMF shielding application, and is widely used in many different forms. Two broad categories of utilization are recognized: (1) protection of sensitive equipment (or people) from high intensity electromagnetic fields, and read more »


Lighting & similar EN 55015 Limits and methods of measure­ment of radio disturbance characteristics of electrical lighting and similar equipment. EN 61547 Equipment for general lighting purposes — EMC immunity requirements. EN 61000‒3‒2 Electromagnetic compatibil­ity (EMC) — Part 3 – 2: Limits — Limits for harmonic current emissions (equipment input current 16 A per phase). EN 61000‒3‒3 Electromagnetic compatibil­ity read more »

Magnetic Testing

R-BOX testing does Magnetic Field Mapping On Site Guass Measurements for hospital, industrial, retail, and commercial sites Product Development. read more »
"Shielding is a mechanical fix for an electrical issue."